DSE Search logging

Information about how DSE Search logs Solr errors, warnings, debug, trace, and info messages and steps to change the Solr logging level.

DSE Search logs Solr errors, warnings, debug, trace, and info messages in the Cassandra system log:

Changing the Solr logging level

You can control the granularity of Solr log messages, and other log messages, in the Cassandra system.log file by configuring the logback.xml file.

The location of the logback.xml file depends on the type of installation:
Installer-Services and Package installations /etc/dse/cassandra/logback.xml
Installer-No Services and Tarball installations install_location/resources/cassandra/conf/logback.xml
To set log levels, specify one of these values:
  • All - turn on all logging
  • OFF - no logging
  • FATAL - severe errors causing premature termination
  • ERROR - other runtime errors or unexpected conditions
  • WARN - use of deprecated APIs, poor use of API, near errors, and other undesirable or unexpected runtime situations
  • DEBUG - detailed information on the flow through the system
  • TRACE - more detailed than DEBUG
  • INFO - highlight the progress of the application at a coarse-grained level

Accessing the validation log

DSE Search stores validation errors that arise from non-indexable data that is sent from nodes other than DSE Search nodes:

For example, if a Cassandra node that is not running DSE Search puts a string in a date field, an exception is logged for that column when the data is replicated to the search node.