Migrate to RAGStack

Migrating existing LangChain applications to RAGStack is very easy. RAGStack comes with a set of pinned, tested versions of the LangChain libraries and integrations.

The RAGStack CLI is the recommended way to manage your RAGStack projects. With the install command you can safely add or change the RAGStack version without worrying about transitive dependencies versions. This is especially important because RAGStack is a stack of multiple packages that are tested together for compatibility, performance, and security.

You don’t need to install the CLI, using npx is the recommended way to run it.

Move your terminal to the project you want to install RAGStack in and run the following command:

npx @datastax/ragstack-ai-cli install

This command will modify the package.json, install @datastax/ragstack-ai and refresh your local dependencies. The supported package managers are npm and yarn (both classic and berry).

The CLI automatically detects the package manager you are using and installs the correct version of RAGStack. However, if you never built the project before, it’s recommended to force a specific package manager by setting the --use-npm or --use-yarn option.

@datastax/ragstack-ai only includes a subset of the LangChain libraries, therefore you might want to keep some @langchain/* packages that are not included in RAGStack. To check what packages are included in RAGStack, you can run the following command:

npm show @datastax/ragstack-ai dependencies

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