Installing Starlight for JMS


Wire protocol changes introduced in Pulsar 2.9 can cause compatibility issues when using Transactions.
To avoid issues, DataStax recommends using:

  • Pulsar JMS 1.x if your server is Pulsar 2.8.x or Luna Streaming 2.8.x

  • Pulsar JMS 2.x if your server is Pulsar 2.9.x, 2.10.x or Luna Streaming 2.10.x (or above)


Install Starlight for JMS by adding the following dependency to your Java Maven project pom.xml. Remember to choose the most recent version.


That file contains only Starlight for JMS code and transitively imports the Apache Pulsarâ„¢ client and the Jakarta JMS 2.0 specifications JAR.

You can also use a "fat" JAR that includes all dependencies:



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