Starlight for JMS FAQs

Answers to the (arguably) most common Starlight for JMS questions.

What is the pricing for Starlight for JMS?

Starlight for JMS is free open-source software. Enterprise support is available through Luna Streaming, the DataStax commercial support offering for Apache Pulsar™.

How is Starlight for JMS licensed?

Starlight for JMS is licensed under Apache version 2.0.

How can I run the Test Compatibility Kit (TCK)

You can download the TCK here. The repository contains a copy of the TCK that automates the execution of the tests.

In the tck-executor module you’ll find:

  • The Java Code needed to initialize the TCK,

  • The configuration file for the TCK runner, ts.jte.

  • A file that contains the excluded tests that cannot pass with this client, ts.jtx

  • Scripts to run Apache Pulsar 2.7.1, configure the Transaction Coordinator, and prepare for the execution of the TCK.

To build the package, run unit tests, and run the TCK:

mvn clean install -Prun-tck

To run only the TCK:

mvn clean install -Prun-tck -am -DskipTests -pl tck-executor
Globally unique subscription names are not supported so the corresponding tests are skipped.

How can I build Starlight for JMS from source?

If you’d like to fork or contribute to Starlight for JMS:

  1. Clone the git repo:

    git clone
  2. Build using Maven:

    mvn clean install

Where can I find additional information on JMS?

Refer to the official JMS documentation in order to learn about JMS. This website is useful as well as it contains the former JMS 2.0 specifications before the Jakarta transition.

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