Manage custom roles

Within Settings > Users, you can see the permissions for a specific role by hovering over the number in the Roles column of the table. This will show the permissions granted to the role.

astream roles

If the default roles don’t meet your requirements, you can use custom roles that meet your organizational needs.

Create custom role

You can also create custom roles using the DevOps API.

  1. From your Organization page, select Role Management.

  2. In the main dropdown, select the organization for which you want to add your custom role.

  3. From Settings page, select Roles.

  4. Select Add Custom Role.

  5. Enter the name you want to use for your custom role. This name should help you easily identify when you want to assign this role to users.

  6. Select the Organization, Keyspace, Table, and API permissions you want to assign to your custom role.

    If you want users with this role to be able to see the Astra Streaming user interface, make sure you select Manage Streaming permissions.

  7. If you want to apply your selected permissions to specific databases or keyspaces, toggle the switch to not apply the permissions to all databases in an organization. Then select the specific databases or keyspaces to which you want to apply the permissions.

  8. Once you have selected your permissions, select Create Role.

To see your custom roles, select Role Management within your Organization. You can now invite users using your new custom role.

Edit user roles

  1. From Settings page, select Roles.

  2. Select Edit Role from the overflow menu for the custom role you want to update.

  3. When editing the role, you can edit the name, permissions, database, and keyspace.

  4. Once you have updated your permissions, select Edit Role.

Your updated custom role will show up in Roles within your Organization.

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