Managing search index fields

Add, remove, and change indexing definitions for table columns in the search index schema.

Syntax for changing schema settings

Describes the syntax used to change schema settings.

Understanding schema field types

Reference of CQL data type to Solr field type mappings and compatibility between them.

Adding a new field type

Add the Solr field type definitions to the search index schema, and then use the new type.

Adding a column to the index

Add a table column to the index.

Indexing tuples and UDTs fields

Add CQL tuple and user-defined type (UDT) columns to an existing search index.

Indexing map columns

Dynamically index CQL map columns or manually set the Solr field type for key.

Dropping columns from the index

Remove a CQL column from the index.

Indexing a column for different analysis

Index a CQL column using different Solr analysis chains to query the same column in different ways or combine multiple columns.

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