Counting data in tables

Use the dsbulk count command to return information about the loaded data.


The following command returns information about the partition data used in the cycling.comments table. The results are organized as follows:

  1. Left column: partition key value

  2. Middle column: number of rows using that partition key value

  3. Right column: the partition’s percentage of rows compared to the total number of rows that were scanned for this query

dsbulk count -k cycling -t comments --stats.modes partitions --stats.numPartitions 50
                Operation directory: /home/automaton/cycling/logs/COUNT_20190424-213840-954894
                total | failed | rows/s | mb/s | kb/row | p50ms | p99ms | p999ms
                   31 |      0 |     74 | 0.00 |   0.02 | 27.59 | 31.33 |  31.33
                   Operation COUNT_20190424-213840-954894 completed successfully in 2 seconds.
                   fb372533-eb95-4bb4-8685-6ef61e994caa 5 16.13
                   8566eb59-07df-43b1-a21b-666a3c08c08a 4 12.90
                   c7fceba0-c141-4207-9494-a29f9809de6f 4 12.90
                   e7ae5cf3-d358-4d99-b900-85902fda9bb0 4 12.90
                   6ab09bec-e68e-48d9-a5f8-97e6fb4c9b47 3 9.68
                   9011d3be-d35c-4a8d-83f7-a3c543789ee7 2 6.45
                   95addc4c-459e-4ed7-b4b5-472f19a67995 2 6.45
                   38ab64b6-26cc-4de9-ab28-c257cf011659 2 6.45
                   5b6962dd-3f90-4c93-8f61-eabfa4a803e2 1 3.23
                   c4b65263-fe58-4846-83e8-f0e1c13d518f 1 3.23
                   e7cd5752-bc0d-4157-a80f-7523add8dbcd 1 3.23
                   6d5f1663-89c0-45fc-8cfd-60a373b01622 1 3.23
                   220844bf-4860-49d6-9a4b-6b5d3a79cbfb 1 3.23

Additional options are provided with the dsbulk count command. Refer to Count options.

Use the dsbulk count command to return information about loaded graph data. Either vertices or edges can be returned.

dsbulk count -g food -v person

This command will return the number of person vertices that exist in the vertex label table person stored in the food graph. Similarly, the number of edges in an edge label table can be returned:

dsbulk count -g food -e authored -from person -to book

This command will return the number of authored edges that exist in the edge label table authored between person vertices and book vertices, and stored in the food graph.

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