Printing cluster information

When you enable verbose logging by using --log.verbosity 2 on the dsbulk command, DataStax Bulk Loader prints basic information about the associated cluster. These data points often help when you are investigating any load or unload issues.

Partitioner: name-of-partitioner
Total number of hosts: number
DataCenters: list-of-datacenter-names
Hosts: list-of-hosts: address, dseVersion, cassandraVersion, dataCenter

The output is sorted by ascending IP address. If there are more than 100 nodes comprising the cluster, the other nodes are not listed. Instead, DataStax Bulk Loader prints (Other nodes omitted).

Log messages are only logged to the main log file, operation.log, and to standard error. Nothing from the log is printed to stdout. For information about log levels, refer to Logging Options.

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