View your databases

View all databases in your organization, and select a database to view detailed information about the database.

The Dashboard shows all of your databases within your organization, including databases you created and databases created by other team members. From here, you can select an individual database name to manage and connect those databases.

Selecting a database in DataStax Astra DB provides access to detailed information about the database. You can view the keyspaces, size and location of the database, and the estimate cost per hour.

  1. Open a browser, navigate to Astra DB, and log in.

  2. Select a database from the Databases option in the left navigation or from Recent Resources on the home page.

  3. Click the Overview tab.

    You can only view connection details and database management operations for databases that you created.

  4. You can see several database details from this tab:

    • Database Name

    • Status

    • Usage for current billing period

      • Read Requests

      • Write Requests

      • Storage Consumed

      • Data Transfer

    • Compute Size [Only for Classic tier databases]

    • Replication Factor [Only for Classic tier databases]

    • Current Capacity [Only for Classic tier databases]

    • Regions

      • Provider

      • Area

      • Region

      • Datacenter ID

      • Region Availability

    • Keyspaces

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