Use Data Loader in Astra Portal

Use the Data Loader in the Astra Portal to load data into your database. Bring your own data or use a sample dataset.

  1. In the Astra Portal, go to Databases, and click your database’s name.

  2. Click Load Data to start the Data Loader.

    Astra DB Data Loader screen with three options displayed.
  3. Load your data using one of the options:

    • Option 1: Upload your own dataset.

      Drag and drop your own .csv file into the Astra DB Data Loader.

      CSV files must be less than 40 MB. You will see a status bar to show how much data has uploaded. Ensure the column names in your .csv do not include spaces. Underscores are accepted. For example, ShoeSize, ShirtColor, Shoe_Size, and Shirt_Color are accepted column names.

    • Option 2: Load an example dataset.

      Select one of the two examples given to use as a sample dataset.

    • Option 3: Load data from an Amazon S3 bucket that contains exported DynamoDB data.

      First, export your DynamoDB data to S3 as described here. Then in AWS console, grant read access to the following ARN: arn:aws:iam::445559476293:role/astra-loader. Your bucket policy should use:

      { "Statement": [ { "Action": [ "s3:ListBucket", "s3:GetBucketLocation" ], "Principal": { "AWS": "arn:aws:iam::445559476293:role/astra-loader" }, "Effect": "Allow", "Resource": "arn:aws:s3:::YOUR_BUCKET_NAME" }, { "Effect": "Allow", "Principal": { "AWS": "arn:aws:iam::445559476293:role/astra-loader" }, "Action": [ "s3:GetObject" ], "Resource": "arn:aws:s3:::YOUR_BUCKET_NAME/*" } ] }

      This bucket policy allows Astra DB automation to pull data from your identified shared S3 bucket, and load the data into Astra DB. You can remove the permission after the data load finishes.

      In the Option 3 prompts, enter your S3 Bucket name, and enter the Key value. To find the Key, navigate in AWS console to the S3 subdirectory that contains your exported DynamoDB data. Look for the Key on its Properties tab. Here’s a sample screen with the Key shown near the lower-left corner:

      S3 Properties with Key value for exported DynamoDB data file.
  4. Once you configure your option, select Next.

  5. Give your table for this dataset a name.

    Your dataset will be included in the Data Preview and Types.

    dataloader config
  6. Select the data type for each column.

    The Astra DB Data Loader automatically selects data types for your dataset. If needed, you can change this to your own selection.

  7. Select your partition key and clustering column for your data.

    dataloader keyscluster
  8. Select Next.

  9. Select your database from the dropdown menu.

  10. Select your keyspace from the available keyspaces.

    dataloader loadtotarget
  11. Select Next.

You will see a confirmation that your data is being imported. Within a few minutes, your dataset will begin uploading to your database.

You will receive an email when the job has started and when the dataset has been loaded. Then you can interact with your data by connecting to your database.

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