Database statuses

Your database can exist in a range of statuses. These statuses vary based on the actions you take within your database.

To see the system status of Astra, see

To see the status of a specific database, view your database Dashboard.


Your database is available and ready to use.


You’ve made your database selections. It should be ready for you to use soon.


You have terminated your database, which means your database and all data on your database will be removed. Your database is no longer available.


Something is wrong with your database. Contact DataStax Support.


When a database is moving into hibernated or restarting from hibernated, your database will display that it is in the Maintenance status.


When an Astra DB database on the Free plan has been unused for more than 48 hours, it will automatically enter the Hibernated status.

It may take a few minutes for your hibernated Astra DB database to resume (return to Active status).

Database hibernation only occurs on the Free plan. Hibernated does not occur on the Astra DB paid plans. To avoid Hibernated, and to take full advantage of additional Astra DB functionality, upgrade from the Free plan to a Pay As You Go plan, or to an Enterprise plan. For details, see Pricing and billing.

To view the status of any database within your organization,

  1. Open your Astra DB dashboard.

    1. If you have more than one database in a hibernated status, a banner appears at the top of the screen prompting you to click Resume Databases.

    Astra DB console Resume DataBases message

  2. To activate a specific database, navigate to the Databases table on your dashboard. Select the database(s) to activate.

    1. Click Resume to activate a hibernated database.

    2. Hover Hibernated for a quick definition of this term.

    3. Click the database name to open it, but remain in the hibernated status.

    hibernate db


You parked your database. It is in the process of being parked and cannot be used again until you unpark your database.


You parked your database. It is unavailable and cannot be used again until you unpark your database.


You unparked your database. It is unavailable until it is fully unparked and Active again.


Scale up your database to change your capacity. Your database has limited functionality while it is resized.

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