AWS VPC peering

By creating a virtual private cloud (VPC), you can connect your AWS resources and DataStax Astra DB databases. VPC peering allows you to communicate across the VPCs.

For more about VPC peering on Astra DB databases hosted on AWS, see What is VPC peering?.


Adding the peering connection

  1. From your database Overview, select Add Peering Connection.

  2. In Add Peering Connection, enter your Account ID from My Account within your AWS Console without any dashes.

  3. Enter the VPC ID you want to use from your list of VPCs in your AWS VPC dashboard.

  4. Enter the VPC CIDR (classless inter-domain routing) block for your AWS VPC. If desired, whitelist the CIDR block by selecting the option.

    The CIDR block cannot overlap your Astra DB VPC CIDR block.

  5. Select the receiving Application VPC Region.

    To reduce latency, DataStax recommends selecting a geographically close region for the Astra DB database and your AWS VPC.

  6. Select Initiate.

Accepting the peering request

  1. Accept the peering connection:

    aws ec2 accept-vpc-peering-connection --vpc-peering-connection-id ASTRA_CONNECTION_ID --region AWS_REGION

    aws ec2 describe-vpc-peering-connections --vpc-peering-connection-ids "$PEERING_CONNECTION_ID" --region "$REGION" | jq -r ".VpcPeeringConnections[].RequesterVpcInfo.CidrBlock"
  2. Add the route in route table with sender’s CIDR and peering connection ID:

    aws ec2 create-route --route-table-id AWS_ROUTE_TABLE_ID --destination-cidr-block REQUESTER_VPC_CIDR_BLOCK --vpc-peering-connection-id CONNECTION_ID --region AWS_VPC_REGION

See Updating your Route tables for a VPC peering connection. . Once you’ve created a VPC peering connection, download the secure connect bundle for internal VPC network to connect to your database.

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