Spatial analytics support (deprecated)

DataStax Enterprise integrates some components of GIS Tools for Hadoop.

Hadoop is deprecated for use with DataStax Enterprise. DSE Hadoop and BYOH (Bring Your Own Hadoop) are deprecated. Hive is also deprecated and will be removed when Hadoop is removed.

DataStax Enterprise integrates some components of GIS Tools for Hadoop. The GIS Tools for Hadoop open source project provides several libraries for performing spatial analytics. DataStax Enterprise incorporates the Hive Spatial library of the Spatial Framework for Hadoop and includes a custom tool for importing data in Enclosed JSON format from ArcGIS to a Cassandra table.

DataStax Enterprise supports Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) data types, which map to the following Cassandra CQL types:

ESRI type Description CQL type
esriFieldTypeSmallInteger Integer Int
esriFieldTypeInteger Long integer Bigint
esriFieldTypeSingle Single-precision floating-point number Float/decimal
esriFieldTypeDouble Double-precision floating-point number Double/decimal
esriFieldTypeString Character string Text
esriFieldTypeDate Date Date
esriFieldTypeOID Long integer representing an object identifier Bigint
esriFieldTypeGeometry Geometry Blob
esriFieldTypeBlob Binary large object Blob
esriFieldTypeRaster Raster N/A
esriFieldTypeGUID Globally unique identifier Text
esriFieldTypeGlobalID ESRI global ID Text
esriFieldTypeXML XML document N/A

The DataStax Enterprise custom ESRI import tool supports the Enclosed JSON format. The syntax for using the tool is:

esri-import -keyspace keyspace_name -table table_name -dir path_to_files [options]

Options are:

-dir path
Directory of ESRI data files
-exclude files
Files to exclude
-file files
Included files
esri-import command usage help
-host host
Host name of node
-port port
Port number on the host node

The example of analyzing data shows how to use the GIS tools for Hadoop.