Starting the Hive server (deprecated)

Steps to start a node in the analytics cluster as the Hive server.

Hadoop is deprecated for use with DataStax Enterprise. DSE Hadoop and BYOH (Bring Your Own Hadoop) are deprecated. Hive is also deprecated and will be removed when Hadoop is removed.

A node in the analytics cluster can act as the Hive server. Other nodes connect to Hive through the JDBC driver. By default, the Hadoop 2.7.1 client libraries are used, except for Hive and Pig, which use Hadoop 1.0.4 libraries with built-in Hadoop trackers.

To start the Hive server, choose a node in the Hadoop cluster and run this command:

Installer-Services and Package installations:

$dse hive --service hiveserver

Installer-No Services and Tarball installations:

install_location/bin/dse hive  --service hiveserver

Starting the HiveServer2

DataStax Enterprise integrates Apache HiveServer2, an improved version of HiveServer that supports multi-client concurrency and other features.

To start HiveServer2, run this command:

dse [-u username -p password] hive --service hiveserver2

After starting HiveServer2, use the Beeline command shell to connect to the server and run Hive queries.