Restoring a package installation from backup

Restore a previous DSE version from a package install.

  1. Stop the DSE service if it is running.

    sudo service dse stop
  2. Uninstall all DataStax Enterprise packages.

    • Debian and Ubuntu

      sudo apt-get purge "dse-*"
    • RHEL and CentOS

      sudo yum remove "dse-*"
  3. Completely purge any existing data or configuration directories and files.

    sudo rm -rf /etc/dse
    sudo rm -rf /var/lib/cassandra
    sudo rm -rf /var/log/cassandra
    sudo rm -rf /var/run/cassandra
    sudo rm -rf /usr/share/dse
    sudo rm -rf /var/log/spark
    sudo rm -rf /var/lib/spark
    sudo rm -rf /var/lib/dsefs
  4. Reinstall the old version as described in the documentation for that release of DataStax Enterprise.

    Do not start DSE after installation.

  5. Extract your backup to the root of your drive.

    sudo tar -xvf /backup_path/backup_archive_name.tar -C /
  6. Move the snapshot files up two levels to their keyspace directories. Replace snapshot_name with the name of the snapshot created during the backup.

    sudo find /var/lib/cassandra/data -mindepth 2 -path '*/snapshots/snapshot_name/*' -type f \
    -exec bash -c 'dir={} && cd ${dir%/*} && mv {} ../..' \;

    If you cannot remember the snapshot name, you can find it by browsing the tar archive.

  7. Restore permissions.

    sudo chown dse_username:dse_group /var/lib/cassandra
  8. Start DSE.

    sudo service dse start
  9. If you are using DSE Search, rebuild the index (5.1).

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