Upgrading DataStax Agents

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Upgrade the DataStax Agents on each node in the managed clusters after restarting the upgraded OpsCenter daemon.

For more information, see Installing DataStax Agents (6.8).

Upgrading DataStax Agents Automatically from the OpsCenter Interface

If DataStax Agents require upgrading, use the OpsCenter interface to automatically upgrade them.

All nodes in the cluster must use the same SSH keys when automatically upgrading the DataStax Agents. If nodes use different SSH keys, either normalize the SSH keys across all nodes, or manually install the DataStax Agents (6.8).

In OpsCenter versions 6.1 and later, the OpsCenter and agent compatibility (6.8) awareness feature notifies you of any potential features that might not operate on older agent versions.

  1. In the OpsCenter interface, click cluster_name > Nodes, and then click the Agents tab.

    A message displays indicating the number of DataStax Agents running an earlier version that might have incompatibilities with OpsCenter 6.7.8.

  2. In the DataStax Agents Status View of the OpsCenter interface, click Upgrade all agents.

    The Set Up Agents window displays.

  3. Choose whether to Install or start agents automatically or Install agents manually.

Upgrading DataStax Agents Manually from Tarballs

If upgrading the DataStax Agents manually with tarballs, then:

  1. Copy the new agent.tar.gz file to all nodes in the cluster:

    scp agent.tar.gz node_name
  2. Extract the tarball:

    tar -xvf agent.tar.gz
  3. Copy the following files in the tarball from the old DataStax Agent tarball directories to the new ones:

    scp -r old_tarball_directory/conf/* new_tarball_directory/conf/*
    scp -r old_tarball_directory/ssl/* new_tarball_directory/ssl/*

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