Pricing and billing

Astra DB handles billing through an integration with Stripe, and displays all related billing information in the Billing section of your organization.

To view your billing details, open your Astra Portal and go to Billing in the left navigation. You can review the following details here:

  • Estimated bill under Billing Details.

  • Your subscription plan and payment method.

    • If you have the free plan, select Add Payment Method to upgrade to the pay-as-you-go plan.

    • If you have the pay-as-you-go plan, the payment method appears. You can update/remove this method at any time.

  • Current year and legacy invoices, which are downloadable.

You can also see database usage for each database and streaming tenant included in your server. Click the row for the database or streaming tenant you want to view. Usage details are provided for each region for the selected database or streaming tenant.


Pricing for Astra DB Classic databases is based on plan, units of measure, cloud provider, and region.

The cost of your Astra DB Classic database depends on the classic database plan you select. Astra DB Classic databases use a single capacity unit (CU) by default, which represents three database instances that are grouped together for three replicas. The classic database plan represents the amount of compute power allocated to each CU, and represents three compute instances per CU. Classic database pricing is presented in the DataStax Astra Portal in hourly terms, but billed in one-minute granularity.

In addition, all Astra Classic customers are charged additional data transfer cost. Data transfer (GB) is the transfer of Customer Data out of the database. Billable units and pricing vary depending on whether the Data Transfer occurs within the same region of a cloud provider network (“Data Transfer - Same Region”), across regions within the same cloud provider network (“Data Transfer - Cross Region within Cloud Provider Network”), or leaves the cloud provider network over the internet (“Data Transfer - Internet”).

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