Create Astra DB databases

To deploy an Astra DB that is optimized for real-time applications that require large data volume, low latency, and flexible data models, create your Astra database.

Create your database

Complete the following steps to create and launch your DataStax Astra DB database.


  1. In the Astra Portal, select Databases from the left navigation.

  1. Select Create Classic Database.

  2. Select a Tier from Production Workloads or High Density Production Workloads.

  3. Select a cloud provider and region.

  4. Select a Cost Summary review for hourly or monthly.

  5. Select Configure Database.

  6. Enter a meaningful Database Name. You cannot alter the database name after the database is created. Use only alphanumeric characters; there is no character limit.

  7. Enter a Keyspace Name to reflect your data model. You cannot name your keyspace “dse” or “system”. Use only alphanumeric characters and no more than 48 total characters.

  8. Select Create Database. An alert appears at the top of the screen when your database is created.



You are redirected to your Organization Dashboard. The new database and status is shown under Databases. You will receive an email when your database creation is complete. Select the database name to manage or connect with your new database.

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