Escaping characters in a solr_query

Solr queries require escaping special characters that are part of the query syntax.

Character Description


Plus. Required search term operator.


Minus. Prohibited search term operator.


Double ampersand. AND operator. Both terms either side of the operator are required for a match.


Double pipe. OR operator.


Exclamation mark. NOT operator.


Left parenthesis


Right parenthesis


Double quote






Question mark



To escape these characters, use a slash (\) before the character to escape. For example, to search for a literal double quotation mark (") character, escape the " for Solr with \".

When using solr_query, you can escape special characters using either CQL Solr or JSON forms:

CQL Solr

...WHERE solr_query='<field>:<value>'


WHERE solr_query='{ "q": "<field>:<value>"}'

JSON-encoded queries require that values must also be JSON-escaped for special characters.

For queries that contain double quotation marks, use triple slashes \\\:

  • For query syntax: One slash \ to escape the "

  • For the JSON string syntax: Two slashes \\ to escape the \

    Triple slashes \\\ escape both characters in \" to produce \\ (an escaped escape) and \" (an escaped double quote).

Escaping single quotation marks

  • Double the single quotation mark (**'**)


    ...WHERE solr_query='name:Walter**''**s'


    ...WHERE solr_query='{ "q": "Walter'**'**s"}'

  • Use dollar-quotes for the string constant


    ...WHERE solr_query=****name:Walter's****


    ...WHERE solr_query=****{ "q": "Walter's"}****

Escaping double quotation marks


Double the single quotation mark (**'**) and add the backslash (**\\**) for Solr escaping

...WHERE solr_query='name:Walter**\\''**s'


Escape **\\"** to **\\\\\\"** to escape both special characters for JSON

...WHERE solr_query='{ "q": "Walter**\\\\\\"**s"}'

Exact and fuzzy query examples

Exact phrase query

For a row that looks like this, with an email address that includes a double quotation mark greenr"

INSERT INTO users(id, email) VALUES(1, 'greenr"')"

Perform a phrase query to search for the email address that is enclosed in double quotation marks:

SELECT * FROM users where solr_query = '
{ "q": "*:*", "fq": "email:\"greenr\\\"\""}
Fuzzy query

For a row that looks like this, with the same email address that includes a double quotation mark greenr"

select * from test.users where solr_query='{"q":"email:r\\\"q@example"}' ;
 id    | email                 | solr_query
 1     | greenr"  | null
(1 rows)

For a term query (fuzzy search) for all email addresses that include r"q@example, remove the double quotation marks but retain triple quotation marks for the escaped double quotation character that is part of the email address:

SELECT * FROM users where solr_query = '
{ "q": "*:*", "fq": "email:r\\\"q@example"}

Using JSON with solr_query requires additional syntax for literal characters that are Lucene special characters.

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