Create superuser account

This page will give a brief example of using CQL to create a superuser account. It will show how to replace the cassandra superuser account with a new superuser account.

  1. Create a new superuser account:

    CREATE ROLE <your_root_account_name>
        WITH SUPERUSER = true
        AND LOGIN = true
        WITH PASSWORD = '<role_password>';
  2. Make sure the account exists:

    LIST ROLE <your_root_account_name>;
  3. Grant the new superuser account the ALL permission:

    GRANT ALL PERMISSIONS ON ALL KEYSPACES TO <your_root_account_name>;
  4. Check that the new superuser account has the ALL permission:

    LIST ALL PERMISSIONS OF <your_root_account_name>;
  5. Delete the default cassandra superuser account:

    DROP ROLE cassandra;
  6. Make sure the cassandra account is deleted:

    LIST ROLE cassandra;

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