Connect with the TypeScript client

Learn how to connect to a HCD database with the astra-db-ts client.


Install the TypeScript client

  1. Verify that Node is version 14 or higher.

    node --version
  2. Use npm or Yarn to install the client.

    • npm

    • Yarn

    To install the TypeScript client with npm:

    npm install @datastax/astra-db-ts

    To install the TypeScript client with Yarn:

    1. Verify that Yarn is version 2.0 or higher.

      yarn --version
    2. Install the astra-db-ts package.

      yarn add @datastax/astra-db-ts

Connect to a vector-enabled Hyper-Converged Database database

Create a file named quickstart.ts.

import { DataAPIClient, UsernamePasswordTokenProvider, VectorDoc, UUID } from '@datastax/astra-db-ts';

// Database settings
const DB_USERNAME = "cassandra";
const DB_PASSWORD = "cassandra";
const DB_API_ENDPOINT = "http://localhost:8181";
const DB_ENVIRONMENT = "hcd";
const DB_NAMESPACE = "cycling";

// Database settings if you exported them as environment variables
// const DB_USERNAME = process.env.DB_USERNAME;
// const DB_PASSWORD = process.env.DB_PASSWORD;
// const DB_API_ENDPOINT = process.env.DB_API_ENDPOINT;

// OpenAI settings
const OPEN_AI_PROVIDER = "openai";
const OPENAI_API_KEY = process.env.OPENAI_API_KEY
const MODEL_NAME = "text-embedding-3-small";

// Build a token in the required format
const tp = new UsernamePasswordTokenProvider(DB_USERNAME, DB_PASSWORD);

// Initialize the client and get a "Db" object
const client = new DataAPIClient({ environment: DB_ENVIRONMENT });
const db = client.db(DB_API_ENDPOINT, { token: tp });
const dbAdmin = db.admin({ environment: DB_ENVIRONMENT });

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