Install Hyper-Converged Database

Hyper-Converged Database is a powerful tool for managing your data. It can be installed in a variety of ways, depending on your needs. This guide will help you choose the best installation method for your situation.

Mission Control

DataStax Mission Control is the next generation operations platform for DataStax Enterprise 6.8.26+ and Hyper-Converged Database 1.0. If you are planning a production deployment, you should consider using DataStax Mission Control to manage your clusters. DataStax Mission Control provides a web-based interface for managing and monitoring your clusters, enabling monitoring and management of multiple clusters from a single interface.

An additional benefit of using DataStax Mission Control is that it the Data API is installed using Mission Control, if you plan to use it.

See Install with Mission Control for more information.

Docker Installation

Using with Docker is the simplest method if you just wish to explore development with HCD. A Docker image is available for Hyper-Converged Database at Additionally, the Data API can be installed using Docker Compose, or you can use cqlsh to run CQL queries.

See Install with Docker for more information.

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