Configuring the DataStax Agent JVM

Configure the JVM parameters for the DataStax Agent JVM.

The DataStax Agent JVM is designed to have a minimal footprint on your nodes and simply work without extra configuration for most environments.

JVM properties for the agent are configured in

Agent Heap Size

For most environments, the DataStax agent should require very little heap. The agent ships with a default max heap size of 128M. The most common cause of memory issues on the agent are clusters with a large number of tables. Each additional table in the cluster increases the number of metrics collected as well as the size of the metadata collected for cluster operations such as backups. Clusters that have more than 100 tables might require updates to the agent max heap size. If an agent is experiencing OutOfMemory issues, try changing the -Xmx property in to 512 (-Xmx512M). If OutOfMemory issues persist, try increasing heap size one more time to -Xmx1024M. If issues still persist, please contact DataStax Support so DataStax can determine whether your environment requires even more heap or if there is an issue in the agent.

The default location of the DataStax agent environment shell script depends on the type of installation:

  • Package installations: /etc/datastax-agent/
  • Tarball installations: install_location/agent/conf/