OpsCenter 6.0.10 Release Notes

Release notes for the OpsCenter version 6.0.10 release.


To see which versions of DataStax Enterprise are supported with OpsCenter 6.0, refer to the OpsCenter Compatibility chart. For upgrade instructions, see the DataStax OpsCenter Upgrade Guide.


  • Changed the UI labeling from deleting a cluster to disconnecting a cluster in the Edit Connection Settings dialog to make it clear that the clusters themselves are not actually deleted. (OPSC-10654)
  • Removed repetitive log message 'INFO: Node has multiple tokens (vnodes). Only one picked for display. (MainThread)'. Only affects vnode clusters. (OPSC-11557)
  • OpsCenter login page escapes html characters on login error message, preventing XSS attacks. (OPSC-11843)
  • Added the X-XSS-Protection to content responses to enable the XSS auditor in various supported browsers. (OPSC-11845)
  • Attempting to login without specifying a username now gives a proper HTTP Unauthorized response instead of a 500 error response. (OPSC-9469)
  • If OpsCenter authentication is enabled, users who do not have View Schema permission in their assigned role are not allowed to view schema data in the Data area of OpsCenter monitoring. OpsCenter presents an informational message that instructs users to contact their OpsCenter administrator for access. (OPSC-11319)
  • Redacted passwords from debug log statements in WrappedDriver. (OPSC-11448)
  • Updated solr-cores and range-list routes in agent to address intermittent errors. (OPSC-11674)
  • Added Coordinator Read Latency table metric. (OPSC-11509)
  • Fixed a bug during agent install that is triggered when no events have been reported. (OPSC-11640)
  • Fixed agent processing of KMIP errors for alerts. This was causing log spam in the agent and was preventing other real time information from being reported to OpsCenter. (OPSC-11972)
  • Fixed an issue where requests would timeout when using AD 2012 with SSL. (OPSC-11995)
  • Fixed bug where dashboard would not display when non-ASCII characters present in username. (OPSC-12064)
  • Fixed an issue which prevented CQL Solr queries from being reflected in OpsCenter metrics. (OPSC-12071)

Backup Service

  • Added support for cloning from a backup using Local FS. (OPSC-6135)
  • Removed checks preventing users from restoring backups across major versions. This was in place because previous, no longer supported, versions of Cassandra did not allow this. It is now possible to restore backups from any version of Cassandra that is compatible for upgrading. (OPSC-11766)
  • There were occasional problems when restoring a backup related to schema changes. This was improved by better logic around waiting for schema agreement. (OPSC-12231)
  • Fixed an issue where materialized views were offered as tables that could be restored directly. (OPSC-11917)
  • Fixed an issues that caused the destination dialog to appear multiple times when restoring from an ad hoc S3 backup. (OPSC-11569)
  • Fixed an issue where commit logs would be transferred to S3 incomplete. Users with commit log archiving currently active will need to disable then enable commit log archiving for this change to take effect. (OPSC-11903)
  • Fixed an issue that required the user to provide a value for local_interface when configuring agents for use on dense nodes. (OPSC-11777)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some snapshots from being displayed in the restore dialog. (OPSC-12168)

Lifecycle Manager (LCM)

  • Updated the Java download UI in LCM to reflect new Oracle URL structure. Also added tooltips to assist users with completing Java Setup fields for Config Profiles. (OPSC-11418)
  • Added support to detect and log when openssl and keytool binaries are missing on the LCM node. (OPSC-12210)
  • Eliminated SQLITE_BUSY errors when using LCM. (OPSC-11885)