OpsCenter 6.0.2 Release Notes

Release notes for the OpsCenter version 6.0.2 release.


To see which versions of DataStax Enterprise are supported with OpsCenter 6.0, see the OpsCenter Compatibility chart.

For upgrade instructions, see the DataStax OpsCenter Upgrade Guide.

Known Issues

Important: Please be sure to review the list of Known Issues in OpsCenter 6.0 before running on a production cluster.


  • Added ability to resize the Opscenter cluster panel on the left navigation panel to fully view long cluster names. (OPSC-9380)
  • New best practice rule checks that all nodes are in the UTC timezone. (OPSC-4955)
  • New best practice rule to checks if DSE and agents run as the same user. (OPSC-8086)
  • More logging statements that indicate the start and end of the data-collector, and log the process of a file being added to the diagnostics tarball. (OPSC-8964)
  • Deleted the unused configuration item protocol_version from opscenterd configuration files. (OPSC-9080)
  • Fixed an issue where the agents sometimes had difficulty connecting to DSE in multi-datacenter clusters when connecting with consistency level LOCAL_ONE (CASSANDRA-12053). (OPSC-9659)
  • Fixed an issue where email alerts were not sent when OpsCenter was configured to send alerts in TLS-only mode. (OPSC-9451)
  • Fixed an issue where OpsCenter failed to remove a cluster from monitoring if it could not first establish a connection. (OPSC-9580)
  • Fixed an issue where popup blockers could prevent a user from downloading the diagnostics tarball. (OPSC-8914)
  • Fix dsetool arguments in diagnostics generation when jmx authentication is enabled. (OPSC-6080)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented DSE defaults from being included in the diagnostic tarball for DSE 5.0 package installs. (OPSC-9339)
  • Fix issues when setting rollup_rate_unit agent configuration option in address.yaml. (OPSC-9394)
  • Fixed an issue where changes to a backup schedule might not appear in the Backup dialog if the schedule changes have not yet been saved. (OPSC-7527)
  • Fixed an issue with sorting the display in tables on the Node Details dialog. (OPSC-9041)

Lifecycle Manager

  • Improved resiliency of Lifecycle Manager in situations where there is high latency between the OpsCenter daemon and nodes in the cluster. This release improves upon the problem; however, there are still known issues in high latency scenarios that will be addressed in a future release. (OPSC-8851)
  • Added seconds to the time displayed on the Job Events list. (OPSC-8971)
  • Eliminated unnecessary reliance on the shell when invoking subprocesses on LCM target nodes; audited inputs in remaining cases. (OPSC-8372)
  • Improved responsiveness in LCM form field inputs. (OPSC-9291)
  • Attempting an agent install without a password or private key now has a visible and useful error. (OPSC-9413)
  • LCM now reloads definitions automatically after an update. No restart is required. (OPSC-9468)
  • Fixed issue with some LCM screens not working when HTTPS was enabled. (OPSC-9757)
  • Fixed issue resulting in superfluous "meld error" events. (OPSC-9473)
  • Fixed a race condition between successive jobs in Lifecycle Manager when the first job fails or is terminated. (OPSC-9061)
  • Fixed rendering bug in Safari 8. (OPSC-9123)
  • Fixed a harmless javascript stack trace when opening the Add Node dialog. (OPSC-9280)
  • Fixed issue with some Config Profile properties, including heap size, being disabled and not editable. (OPSC-9546)
  • Fixed a bug that caused some config profile values, including g1-gc-opts, not to be committed when saved. (OPSC-9556)