OpsCenter 6.0.12 Release Notes

Release notes for the OpsCenter version 6.0.12 release.


To see which versions of DataStax Enterprise are supported with OpsCenter 6.0, refer to the OpsCenter Compatibility chart. For upgrade instructions, see the DataStax OpsCenter Upgrade Guide.

Be sure to check out the New features section for more details.

Repair Service

  • Fixed an issue where restarting OpsCenter would not restart Repair Service. (OPSC-12318)


  • Updated project dependencies to no longer be susceptible to CVE-2016-1000031. (OPSC-13404)
  • Updated Mina library to address issues with high CPU usage in opscenterd. (OPSC-13678)
  • Fixed an issue with agent startup related to networking components. (OPSC-13825)

Backup Service

  • Corrected an issue that prevented restores to DSE 4.8 clusters with optional client-to-server ssl. (OPSC-13155)


  • LCM now allows debug log to be disabled through the logback.xml configuration. (OPSC-13109)
  • Added a 30 second timeout for HTTP requests in Meld. Among other potential HTTP endpoint issues, this addresses LCM jobs hanging while trying to download the JDK. (OPSC-13134)
  • Fixed an issue where the LCM default download URLs for Oracle Java were no longer valid. (OPSC-13832)