OpsCenter 6.0.3 Release Notes

Release notes for the OpsCenter version 6.0.3 release.


To see which versions of DataStax Enterprise are supported with OpsCenter 6.0, see the OpsCenter Compatibility chart.

For upgrade instructions, see the DataStax OpsCenter Upgrade Guide.

Known Issues

Important: Please be sure to review the list of Known Issues in OpsCenter 6.0 before running on a production cluster.


  • The [cassandra].log_location property in cluster_name.conf (cassandra_log_location in address.yaml) now expects a directory path (for example, /var/log/cassandra/) instead of the path directly to system.log (for example, /var/log/cassandra/system.log). This change is backwards compatible with existing settings that point directly to system.log. (OPSC-9399)
    Note: This only affects clusters that have a custom path for DSE logs.
  • Cluster configuration filenames are now validated and will not be loaded if they contain characters other than a-z, 0-9, or an underscore. (OPSC-10192)
  • The cassandra cluster (cluster_name.conf) configuration property ssl_truststore_password is now included in the list of configuration property values that are encrypted when config_encryption_active is set to true. (OPSC-9747)
  • The storage_cassandra cluster properties ssl_keystore_password and ssl_truststore_password are now included in the list of configuration property values that are encrypted when config_encryption_active is set to true. (OPSC-10219)
  • Improved some DataStax Agent log messages in states when the DSE node is down or unreachable. (OPSC-9917, OPSC-9940, OPSC-10027, OPSC-10028)
  • Fixed the Show and Hide Cluster feature in the navigation menu. (OPSC-9478)
  • Fixed an issue displaying messages in the security log that contain certain Unicode characters. (OPSC-8846)
  • Fix a logging bug that prevented STOMP error details from appearing in logs. (OPSC-9242)
  • Fixed an issue where a warning banner for a cluster persisted after removing that cluster from OpsCenter. (OPSC-9272)
  • Fixed an issue where the List and Agent tabs in the Nodes section were not clickable. (OPSC-9626)
  • Fixed an issue where OpsCenter would not start up if HTTPS was enabled and the certificate files contain intermediate certificates. (OPSC-9999)
  • Fixed an issue with an incorrect cluster name being displayed in the agent warning banner. (OPSC-10167)
  • Fixed issue in error handling that prevented the OpsCenter web server from cleanly shutting down and instead resulted in a System is not defined error message. (OPSC-10188)
  • Fixed a bug in sensitive config encryption, introduced in v. 6.0.0, which yielded encrypted values unable to be decrypted by the OpsCenter Agent. For CFB-mode of encryption, this is due to the agent expecting a CFB-8 byte block cipher of encryption when in fact a CFB full block cipher was being used. For the other three supported cipher modes, the bug is due to incompatible plaintext padding. (OPSC-10244)
  • Fixed an issue with initialization vector randomization when encrypting configuration fields. (OPSC-10311)


  • A new status has been added in the Ring view for nodes with an unknown health status due to agent connection issues. Nodes with unknown health information are now shown with a gray color and dashed outline. (OPSC-8955)
  • An uncaught exception is now prevented if either or both of the optional parameters (start and end) are omitted when invoking a metric API endpoint. (OPSC-9727)
  • Fixed a memory leak in the agent caused when unable to load previous state because of CASSANDRA-12053. (OPSC-9712)
  • Fixed an error that prevented viewing dashboard graphs when the graph scale is set to monthly. (OPSC-9995)
  • Fixed an issue with the Clocks in UTC Best Practice Rule that caused a false failure when the timezone is set to Etc/UTC. (OPSC-10224)

Backup Service

  • Improved the layout of the Restore Schema Validation comparison dialog for restoring a backup. (OPSC-7248)
  • Improved error messages for failed backups due to unavailable nodes and/or agents. (OPSC-9573)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented backup and restore of keyspaces or tables with long names (between 32 and the maximum of 48 characters). (OPSC-9563)
  • Fixed an issue with a confusing Edit Backup Schedule workflow that led to the following error: Destination missing: OPSC_ON_SERVER. (OPSC-5257)
  • Fixed a bug where formatting characters sometimes appeared in restore logging statements. (OPSC-8749)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the display of all available backups for some clusters when using the Other Locations tab to restore. (OPSC-9117)
  • Fixed an issue where some failure conditions in backups would result in no backup activity entries being created. (OPSC-9151)
  • Fixed a race condition that sometimes caused the first backup to fail after a restart of an agent. (OPSC-9598)
  • Fixed an intermittent issue preventing the restore of tables with solr cores. (OPSC-9601)
  • Fixed an issue where backups older than one week would not be displayed in the Activity tab of the Backup Service. (OPSC-9860)
  • Fixed an error when an agent is not connected while attempting a restore of a backup made to a Local FS destination. (OPSC-10111)
  • Fixed an issue causing errors when backing up DSE 5.0+ nodes that were still using an older (pre-DSE 5.0) data directory structure/format. (OPSC-10309)

Lifecycle Manager

  • OpsCenter Lifecycle Manager now provides a return link to OpsCenter Monitoring on its left navigation panel. (OPSC-10011)
  • LCM now prompts for an optional sudo username when creating ssh credentials. Jobs running with these credentials will run with sudo using the provided user. (OPSC-9231)
  • Improved automatic updates of data in the UI to account for changes in other tabs. (OPSC-9306)
  • Basic auth passwords are now masked in log messages when setting repositories in LCM. (OPSC-9532)
  • LCM API now supports filtering on fields of all types (int, boolean, and so forth). (OPSC-9619)
  • Fixed layout issues in the LCM UI when viewing within narrow browser windows. (OPSC-8998)
  • Fixed an issue causing errors when clearing optional fields in various UI forms. (OPSC-9301)
  • Fixed an issue causing a single cluster to appear duplicated in the Clusters list after import. (OPSC-9383)
  • Fixed an issue causing the memtable_cleanup_threshold property in cassandra.yaml to not accept float values. (OPSC-9565)
  • Fixed an issue preventing Cluster Import from working when OpsCenter Authentication is enabled. (OPSC-9812)
  • Fixed an issue preventing DSEFS from working when using a default Config Profile. The default values for the data_directories option of DSEFS are now present in the dse.yaml generated by LCM. (OPSC-10162)
  • Fixed an issue preventing proper agent configuration when installing a node using LCM with SSL communication enabled between opscenterd and the agent ([agents].use_ssl). (OPSC-10200)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Lifecycle Manager installations that used a package proxy on RPM-based systems. (OPSC-10380)

Repair Service

  • Clarified the error message when a repair will not complete within the specified time window and the revised estimate for completion is specified. (OPSC-6817)
  • The Repair Service no longer consider repairs as failed when JMX notifications are lost. (OPSC-10112)
  • Fixed a race condition that prevented the Repair Service from restarting after a topology change. (OPSC-9244)