Editing OpsCenter cluster connections for authentication or encryption

Cluster connections settings define how OpsCenter connects to a cluster. Edit the settings if authentication or encryption has been enabled on a cluster.

The connections settings for a cluster define how OpsCenter connects to a cluster. For example, if you have enabled authentication or encryption on a cluster, you need to specify that information in the cluster connection settings.


  1. Select the cluster you want to edit from the Cluster menu.
  2. Click Settings > Cluster Connections.
    The Edit Cluster Connection Settings dialog appears.

  3. If applicable, change the IP addresses of cluster nodes.
  4. If applicable, change the JMX and Native Transport listen port numbers.
  5. If applicable, click Add credentials to add or edit the user credentials if the JMX or Native Transport ports require authentication.
  6. Optional: If applicable to your environment, select DSE security (kerberos) is enabled on my cluster and complete the following fields:
    1. Enter the service name. For example, if the server principal on your nodes is dse/nodeX.example.com@EXAMPLE.COM, this field should be dse.
    2. Enter the client principal for the OpsCenter process/machine to use. Example: opscenterd@YOUR_REALM.
    3. Enter the location of the keytab OpsCenter machine, which contains credentials for the opscenter_client_principal.
    4. Enter the client principal for the DataStax Agent process/machine to use. Example: agent@YOUR_REALM.
    5. Enter the location of the keytab on the DataStax Agent machines, which contains credentials for the agent_client_principal. Example: /path/to/keytab.keytab.

    For more information, see Authenticating with Kerberos and the Kerberos tutorial in the DataStax Enterprise documentation.

  7. Optional:
    Note: For more information, see Enabling client-to-node encrpytion in OpsCenter
    Select Client-to-node encryption is enabled on my cluster. Enter the following for OpsCenter to use to directly connect to Cassandra:
    • If the paths are the same for the OpsCenter Keystore and Truststore (default), select My Keystore and Truststore are the same and enter the path and password.
    • If the paths are not the same, enter the OpsCenter Keystore Path, Truststore Path, and the corresponding Password for each.
  8. Click Save Cluster.