OpsCenter 6.0.1 Release Notes

Release notes for the OpsCenter version 6.0.1 release.


To see which versions of DataStax Enterprise are supported with OpsCenter 6.0, see the OpsCenter Compatibility chart.

For upgrade instructions, see the DataStax OpsCenter Upgrade Guide.

Known Issues

Important: Please be sure to review the list of Known Issues in OpsCenter 6.0 before running on a production cluster.


  • The diagnostics tarball now includes the debug.log and gremlin.log files. (OPSC-7133)
  • Upgraded to the latest version of the Cassandra Java Driver (3.0.3), which fixed an issue where schema agreement was never reached if null entries were present in the system.peers or system.local tables (JAVA-1202). This issue prevented some clusters from being added to OpsCenter. (OPSC-9397)
  • Fixed an issue where authenticated users would receive a non-descriptive error when logging in a second time. (OPSC-4796)
  • Fixed an issue where the jython script would sometimes fail to run on Ubuntu. (OPSC-9036)
  • Fixed an issue preventing usernames for authenticated users from appearing in the OpsCenter events table for corresponding actions that took place during a session. (OPSC-9114)
  • Fixed an issue where opscenterd and the agent sometimes failed to resolve symlinks when searching for the Java install location. (OPSC-9344)
  • Fixed an issue when OpsCenter authentication and https were both enabled, which caused the user to be redirected to an invalid login url (random port). (OPSC-9379)

Backup Service

  • Fixed an issue that would fail the backup if the cluster had a temporary schema disagreement at the same time the backup started. The backup process now pauses for a short period while waiting for the schema disagreement to resolve. If the schema disagreement does not resolve, the backup fails with an explicit message to that effect. (OPSC-8952)
  • Fixed an issue with re-creating tables during restore when those tables include user-defined types (UDT), user-defined functions (UDF), and user-defined aggregates (UDA). (OPSC-9261)
  • Fixed an issue where a backup to a destination would fail if the keyspace contained a materialized view. (OPSC-9328)
  • Fixed an issue when using the Local File System (LFS) destination that prevented the restore action from restoring all sstables associated with a backup. Specifically, it would only restore the files discoverable on a single node, so that if the folder specified was local only (as opposed to NFS) or otherwise could only discover a subset of the files in the backup, the restore operation would report success but only restore a portion of the required files. This issue did not affect the snapshot process and does not represent a corruption of the backed-up data. (OPSC-9543)
  • Fixed an issue that caused backups to fail at the OpsCenter daemon for search-enabled nodes in some situations. (OPSC-9595)

Lifecycle Manager

  • Fixed an issue preventing Lifecycle Manager from properly installing DSE versions 4.7 and 4.8 in Debian/Ubuntu systems. (OPSC-9409)
  • Fixed an issue causing address.yaml to be owned by the root user when the agent is installed for the first time via OpsCenter. The address.yaml file is now included in the datastax-agent packages (.rpm/.deb) by default and is owned by the cassandra user. (OPSC-9336)