Insert simple data

In a production database, inserting columns and column values programmatically is more practical than using cqlsh, but often, testing queries using this SQL-like shell is very convenient for development.

Insertion, update, and deletion operations on rows sharing the same partition key for a table are performed atomically and in isolation.


INSERT INTO cycling.cyclist_name 
    (id, lastname, firstname) 
     VALUES (5b6962dd-3f90-4c93-8f61-eabfa4a803e2, 'VOS','Marianne');
  • You can insert complex string constants using double dollar signs to enclose a string with quotes, backslashes, or other characters that would normally need to be escaped.

    INSERT INTO cycling.calendar 
      (race_id, race_start_date, race_end_date, race_name) 
      (201, '2015-02-18', '2015-02-22', $$Women's Tour of New Zealand$$);

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