Tuples and UDTs as CQL map values

DSE Search does not support using tuples and UDTs as CQL map values. Use this workaround to simulate a map-like data model.


  1. Declare a collection of tuples or UDTs that have a type field that represents what would have been the map key:

    Create the tuple type. The tuple type applies to tuples and UDTs.

    CREATE TYPE Address (type text, street text, city text)

    Create table for UDT:

    CREATE TABLE Person (name text primary key, addresses set<frozen<address>>)

    Or create a table for a tuple:

    CREATE TABLE Person (name text primary key, addresses set<frozen<tuple<text, text, text>>>)
  2. Using this collection of tuples or UDTs as a map-like data model, it is possible to query for person addresses of a given type (key).

    For example, to query for persons whose home address is in London:

    {!tuple}addresses.type:Home AND

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