EndpointStateTracker MBean

The EndpointStateTracker MBean is identified by the following path:


This MBean has an attribute to blacklist a node and operations that include node health, workload, and status.



Boolean attribute to remove a node from the list of searchable nodes while it’s being diagnosed, repaired, reindexed, and verified as healthy.

Sets blacklisted status that is gossiped around the cluster and used during the replica selection phase of distributed search queries.

  • true - forcibly rank this node below active nodes for distributed search queries

  • false - make this node eligible for selection during distributed search queries.


String that identifies the server ID of a local node.

MBean operations

The arguments for the operations are strings for the IP address, except where noted.


Gets the node health for a given IP address.


Gets the workload type of a remote endpoint. Persists between restarts.


Gets the datacenter for the given endpoint, basing on the information from the Gossiper or information saved in the Cassandra system table. Persists between restarts.


Gets active status for the given endpoint. A node is active when the server and required plugins are all started. Computed at runtime.


Gets the DSE multi-instance server ID for a remote endpoint. Persists between restarts.


Gets the dynamic indexing status (INDEXING, FINISHED, or FAILED) of the search index of a given endpoint. Computed at runtime.


Takes a single argument, the keyspace. Returns information about every node in the cluster. Computed at runtime.


Returns true if graph is enabled for the given endpoint. Computed at runtime.


Returns true if vnodes are enabled. Computed at runtime.


Indicates when a node is removed from node from the list of searchable nodes. Persists between restarts.

The gossip state is persisted locally. Set the Blacklisted attribute to remove the blacklisting status.

You can also use the nodetool sjk command to blacklist a node. (DSE 6.8 | 6.7 | 6.0 | 5.1)

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