Solr MBeans

DataStax Enterprise provides enhanced visibility into native memory allocation through the solr/NativeAllocatorStats MBean, exposing the following information:

  • enabled: if native memory is enabled or not.

  • debug: if debug mode is enabled or not.

  • numAlloc: number of native objects allocations.

  • numFree: number of freed native objects.

  • activeAllocatedMemoryInBytes: allocated native memory currently in use.

  • totalAllocatedMemoryInBytes: total allocated native memory over time.

  • totalFreedMemoryInBytes: total freed native memory over time.

The solr/NativeTrackerStats MBean provides information about the tracked native objects and related threads that allocated them:

  • registeredThreads: number of threads currently registered and actively tracking (allocating) native objects.

  • trackedObjects: number of currently tracked (allocated and not freed) native objects.

  • handedOffObjects: number of currently handed off (allocated and stored for later reuse) native objects.

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