ShardRouter MBean

Use the com.datastax.bdp:type=ShardRouter MBean to retrieve information and update the list of endpoints.

The ShardRouter MBean, not present in open source Solr, provides information about how DSE Search routes queries. JMX MBeans can be accessed by connecting to the (default) JMX port 7199 on any DataStax Enterprise node using a JMX application like JConsole. The following attributes and operations are available in this MBean:

  • getShardSelectionStrategy(String core) retrieves the name of the shard selection strategy used for the given search core.

  • getEndpoints(String core) retrieves the list of endpoints that can be queried for the given search core.

  • getEndpointLoad(String core) retrieves the list of endpoints with related query load for the given search core. The load is computed as a 1-minute, 5-minutes and 15-minutes exponentially weighted moving average, based on the number of queries received by the given node.

  • refreshEndpoints() manually refreshes the list of endpoints to be used for querying Solr cores.

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