dsetool insights_config

Enables and disables DSE Metrics Collector and configures reporting frequency and storage options. The default mode enables metrics collection and reporting with local storage on disk.

Run this command only on a single node. The change is propagated to all other nodes in the cluster. Wait at least 30 seconds for the changes to propagate to all nodes. Restarting DSE is not required.


dsetool insights_config
--metric_sampling_interval_in_seconds seconds
--config_refresh_interval_in_seconds seconds
--data_dir_max_size_in_mb dir_size
--node_system_info_report_period ISO-8601_duration_string

Prints the current configuration for DSE Metrics Collector.


Enables and disables DSE Metrics Collector and configures storage options:

  • DISABLED - disables metrics collection.

  • ENABLED_NO_STORAGE - enables metrics collection and starts reporting metrics. Typically used when collectd is configured to report to a real-time monitoring system.

  • ENABLED_WITH_LOCAL_STORAGE - enables metrics collection and reporting with local storage on disk. The default data directory is /var/lib/cassandra/insights_data. Default.

Restarting DSE is not required after changing the configuration mode. The configuration mode persists after DSE is restarted.

--metric_sampling_interval_in_seconds seconds

The frequency that metrics are reported to DSE Metrics Collector.

Default: 30

--config_refresh_interval_in_seconds seconds

How often the DSE Metrics Collector configuration changes are pushed to all nodes in the cluster. If nodes are down when a change is made, the change will propagate when the node is back up.

Default: 30

--data_dir_max_size_in_mb mb

When local storage is enabled, the limit on how much DSE Metrics Collector data will be stored on disk. The maximum size of the data directory must not exceed 2 GB.

Default: 1024 (1 GB)

--node_system_info_report_period duration

The repeating time interval, in ISO-8601 format, for gathering diagnostic information about the node. For example, PT1H is 1 hour, PT5M is 5 minutes, and PTM200S is 200 seconds.

Default: PT1H (1 hour)


View the current DSE Metrics Collector configuration

dsetool insights_config --show_config

The results of the default configuration:

  "config_refresh_interval_in_seconds" : 30,
  "metric_sampling_interval_in_seconds" : 30,
  "data_dir_max_size_in_mb" : 1024,
  "node_system_info_report_period" : "PT1H"

Enable metrics collection with local storage

dsetool insights_config --mode ENABLED_WITH_LOCAL_STORAGE

Configure 1500 MB for the DSE Metrics Collector local data directory

dsetool insights_config --data_dir_max_size_in_mb 1500

The maximum size of the local data directory must not exceed 2 GB.

The default directory for local storage is /var/lib/cassandra/insights_data. To change the directory to store collected metrics, see Configuring the data and log directories for DSE Metrics Collector.

Change the node system reporting duration to 1 week

Use an ISO-8601 time duration string.

dsetool insights_config --node_system_info_report_period P1W

Disable metrics collection

dsetool insights_config --mode DISABLED

Configure the metric sampling interval for 60 seconds

dsetool insights_config --metric_sampling_interval_in_seconds 60

Configure 120 seconds for the configuration refresh interval

Push configuration changes to all nodes in the cluster every 2 minutes:

dsetool insights_config --config_refresh_interval_in_seconds 120

After you make configuration changes with dsetool insights_config, you must disable and then re-enable DSE Metrics Collector to read the configuration file again. Wait at least 30 seconds for the changes to propagate to all nodes.

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