DSE Search cluster metrics

Use the IndexPool JMX MBean to view the progress of indexing tasks.

The StallMetrics is exposed through the metrics registry com.datastax.bdp.metrics.

The following paths identify the MBeans:


where search_index is the name of the search index that is referenced by the metrics.

For example, the following figure shows the com.datastax.bdp merge metrics MBean in JConsole. The demo.solr search index under search is expanded.

srch SolrLatencyMbean

Using MBeans to evaluate DSE Search performance

Example steps to use the MBeans to obtain information about performance on a DSE Search node.

Commit metrics MBean

The commit metrics MBean used for troubleshooting index performance and resolving data consistency issues that are caused by asynchronous commits between different index replicas.

EndpointStateTracker MBean

Observes state of other nodes using the gossiper. Use to blacklist a node and other operations that include node health, workload, and status.

IndexPool MBean

Exposes metrics around the progress of indexing tasks. Useful for controlling task submission and flush.

Merge metrics MBean

The merge metrics MBean used for tuning merge operations.

Query metrics MBean

Troubleshoot query performance, tune DSE Search configuration and tune server resources.

Reindex metrics MBean

Exposes metrics for the current state and history of reindexing tasks.

ShardRouter MBean

Use the ShardRouter MBean, not present in open source Solr, to retrieve information and update the list of endpoints.

Solr MBeans

The solr/NativeAllocatorStats MBean exposes native memory allocation.

Update metrics MBean

The update metrics MBean is useful for tuning indexing performance.

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