Table statistics

For individual tables, the ColumnFamilyStoreMBean provides the same general latency attributes as StorageProxyMBean. Unlike StorageProxyMBean, ColumnFamilyStoreMBean has a number of other statistics that are important to monitor for performance trends. The most important of these are listed in the table.

Table Statistics
Attribute Description


The total size consumed by this table’s data (not including metadata).


Returns the total number of columns present in the memtable (across all keys).


How many times the memtable has been flushed out.


The average read latency since the last call to this bean.


The average write latency since the last call to this bean.


The number of live SSTables for this table.

The recent read latency and write latency counters are important for making sure operations happen in a consistent manner. If these counters start to increase after a period of staying flat, you probably need to add capacity to the cluster.

You can set a threshold and monitor LiveSSTableCount to ensure that the number of SSTables for a given table does not become too great.

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