Reindex metrics MBean

The reindex metrics describe the current state and history of reindexing tasks. Requesting a core reindex with dsetool reload_core (DSE 6.8 | 6.7 | 6.0 | 5.1) or using a CQL REBUILD SEARCH INDEX command (CQL 6.8 | 6.7 | 6.0 | 5.1) will no longer build up a queue of reindexing tasks on a node. Instead, a reindexing task is started that handles all reindex requests already submitted to that node.

Reindex metrics MBean is registered for each core with metricType=ReindexMetrics.


The reindexing MBean is identified by the following path:


  • search is the MBean type

  • keyspace_name.table_name is the search index (core) that the metrics reference

  • ReindexMetrics is the MBean name


Metric name Allowed values Description

Progress Percentage


Percent progress, where a value of 100 indicates that reindexing is not running.



Indicates if a search core is being reindexed.

Current reindexing reason


Reason for current reindexing.

Reindexing Pending


Indicates if a user-requested reindex is awaiting execution.

Reindex ETA

ETA in milliseconds

Total Requests Submitted

Number of reindex requests submitted since node start-up; includes all reindex types.

Total User Requests Submitted

Number of reindex requests submitted by user since node start-up.

Total Reindexings Run

Total number of reindexing tasks executed since startup.

Reindexings Run Due To User Request

Total number of reindexing tasks executed on behalf of a user since startup.

Reindexings Run With Index Delete

Number of reindexing tasks executed with deleteAll==true since startup.

Reindexing Time

Timer for reindexing; uses ExponentiallyDecayingReservoir for histogram.

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