Search index commands

Manage DataStax Enterprise search indexes using the following CQL commands:

  • CREATE SEARCH INDEX Generates a new search index on an existing table with default schema and config.

  • DESCRIBE SEARCH INDEX Displays the active or pending schema or config in XML format.

  • ALTER SEARCH INDEX CONFIG Modifies the search index config. After modifying, use reload to push the changes live.

  • ALTER SEARCH INDEX SCHEMA Modifies the search index schema. After modifying, use reload to push the changes live.

  • RELOAD SEARCH INDEX Loads pending changes to the index schema and config. Some changes such as adding or removing indexed fields require a rebuild.

  • REBUILD SEARCH INDEX Reconstructs the search index using the active schema and config.

  • COMMIT SEARCH INDEX Forces a reload of data into the index after data is added, modified, or removed from the corresponding CQL table.

  • DROP SEARCH INDEX Removes the search index and corresponding files.

Run search index commands only on the local node using the dsetool commands.

DSE stores the Solr search index configuration pair (schema and config) in the solr_admin.solr_resources table and persists it to other search nodes in the cluster.

In DSE authorization-enabled environments, you must grant permission to run search index commands; see Controlling access to search indexes.

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