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You can import a notebook using drag and drop or with the file system. The contents of the imported notebooks are defined during the export process. For example, a notebook that was exported with cell code only will be imported without result sets. If a notebook with an existing name is imported, duplicate notebook names are renamed (1), (2), and so on.

Only notebooks exported from DataStax Studio can be imported, as the file is a packaged compressed file of custom JSON. To import, the uncompressed tarball file must be specified.

Each version of DataStax Studio uses a different format. DataStax does not recommend using older notebooks in newer Studio versions. The compatibility of DSE version to Studio version is:

DSE Studio

DSE 6.8

Studio 6.8

DSE 6.7

Studio 6.7

DSE 6.0

Studio 6.0

DSE 5.1

Studio 2.0*

Studio 2.0 has neither the import nor the export feature.


  1. Open the Notebook Manager page.

  2. To import a notebook by dropping a packaged compressed file, open a file manager and drag the file to the Notebook Manager page.

  3. To import a notebook using the Import dialog:

    1. Click + on the empty notebook cell.

    2. Click Import on the Create Notebook dialog.

    3. Navigate the file manager and select the notebook you want to import.

  4. Optional: Select a connection for the notebook you are importing. Click Save.

    If the notebook is a graph notebook, the option to specify a graph is available if the connection is up for a graph-enabled DSE cluster.

  5. The notebook is imported with the connection and graph. To change the connection or graph, select Configure this Notebook in the menu (☰).

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