Using Interactive Graph in DataStax Studio Graph View

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Studio provides these interactive graph features:

  • Expand vertex neighborhoods, with the ability to filter by edge label

  • Remove vertices and edges from the graph view

Right-click vertices and edges to activate these features.

In a gremlin cell, you can interactively expand the neighborhood in graph view.

At any time, double-click the graph view to recenter the display.

Edge population in neighborhood expansion happens in two stages:

  1. Adjacent edges and their corresponding other vertices are retrieved.

  2. Edges between new vertices and existing vertices may be automatically populated based on the selected Edge Population Strategy.

Neighborhood expansion has configurable view options:

  • Populate all common edges, the default complete view.

  • Populate only the edges of the selected labels to expand.

    All edges that connect a newly retrieved vertex and an existing vertex are added to the view only if their Edge Label is selected.

  • Do not auto-populate common edges.

To learn more about neighborhood expansion, take a tour of the Working with Graph notebook.

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