Advanced configuration options for DataStax Studio

Advanced configuration options are not explicitly set in the configuration.yaml file.

DataStax recommends contacting the DataStax services team before adding advanced configuration options. For the properties in each section, the parent setting has zero spaces. Each child entry requires at least two spaces. Adhere to the YAML syntax and retain the spacing.


  • connectionsDirectory

    The directory where connections are stored.

    Default: connections

  • snapshotSaveIntervalInSeconds

    Default: 300

  • entityCacheIdleTimeoutInSeconds

    Default: 3600

  • maxKeyspaceSessionsPerConnection

    Maximum number of sessions associated with a specific keyspace to keep open at a time. Least recently used sessions are closed first.

    Default: 5

  • eventReplayTimeoutInSeconds

    Default: 600

  • eventReplayBatchSize

    Default: 10


To make encryption of passwords unique for your installation, you can change the password in this file. Use a strong generated password. DataStax recommends following security best practices, including avoiding simple words and phrases.

  • encryptionPasswordFile

    Default: conf/security/


  • idleTimeoutInSeconds

    How long before an unused connection expires and is closed when it is not in use.

    Default: 3600 (1 hour)

Schema refresh

  • schemaRefreshIntervalMs

    Schema refresh polling interval in milliseconds.

    Default: 3000 (3 seconds)

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