Notebook Cells in DataStax Studio

Notebook cells contain markdown text, CQL, Gremlin code, or Spark SQL. A notebook consists of a sequence of cells. A cell is a multi-line text input field.

Execute cell contents by:

  • Pressing Shift + Enter with focus in the cell

  • Clicking the Play button ▶ on the right

  • Selecting Cell | Run in the menu bar

The cell language determines the execution behavior of a cell:

  • Gremlin

    Execution configurations define the run behavior.

  • CQL

    Execution configurations define the run behavior. Custom run configurations are supported.

  • Spark SQL

    The execution configuration is not configurable.

  • Markdown

    Markdown is a superset of HTML. Use Markdown to document the computational process in a literate way, alternating descriptive text with code. You can make text italic or bold. You can build lists, and provide other structure including headings that link to other sections of the notebook. Click Play to display the formatted markdown text.

Every cell starts off being a code cell, but you can change its type by selecting a different cell language or by using Keyboard shortcuts in DataStax Studio.


Widget Name Description

schema view

View Schema

Switch to Schema to view and interact with contextual views of data.

history view

View History

Display notebook history to view and manage notebook revisions.


Add Cell

Add a cell in the current location.


Widget Name Description

run cell

Run Cell

Display the markdown or run the code and display the results.

Select one or more statements in the cell to execute only those highlighted statements.

hide code editor

Hide Code Editor

Hide the code editor.

editor validations off

Disable editor validations

Toggle editor validations to off.

editor validations on

Enable editor validations

Toggle editor validations to on.

maximize cell

Maximize cell

Maximize the cell.

more actions

Other Cell Actions

Display more menu items for the cell:

  • Delete

  • Move Up

  • Move Down

  • Copy Cell Link

  • Clear Results

CQL and Gremlin results display

Display the results returned by the last statement executed in a cell in these ways:

Widget View description





pie chart

Pie chart













Schema view

Widgets for schema view:

Widget Description

schemaView resetSelections

Reset drop down selections

schemaView dockWidget

Dock schema to the top

schemaView dockSideWidget

Dock schema to the side

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