Using Notebook History

Notebook revisions provide a self-describing persisted state of a notebook. Major changes, such as executing a cell and getting a new result, create a new revision immediately.

Changes to a notebook are automatically tracked with notebook revisions that provide a historical dated record with descriptions and change events that support easy retrieval. You can provide revision names and short comments to specific persisted states of a notebook to identify specific milestones in the history of a notebook. You can filter and retrieve notebook revisions. Notebook revisions are the historical versions of a notebook. When viewing notebook history, the notebook preview is read-only.

Events are saved only when the cell is executed. Automatic notebook revisions are saved before these events:

Event Description

Cell Added

A cell is added to a notebook.

Cell Deleted

A cell is deleted from a notebook.

Cell Language

The cell language is changed: Markdown, Gremlin, CQL, or Spark SQL.

Cell Schema

A schema is created or modified.

Cell View

Changes are made in a cell with returned data.

Cell View Settings

The view settings are changed in a cell with returned data.

Code Changed

Code in a cell is changed.

Gremlin Execution Engine

The run configuration is changed.

Notebook Reverted

A notebook is reverted.


  1. In any notebook,click View History (history view) in the upper-right corner.

    While viewing notebook history, the notebook is read-only.

  2. The Notebook History panel displays on the right. The default view is to show all revisions in descending date order.

    view allChgs notebook history
  3. To view revisions for a specific change event, click All Changes ▾, and select a change event.

    For example, to view only the change events where code in a cell was changed, select Code Change ▾.

  4. To view all changes again, click Code Change ▾ and select All Changes from the list of change events.

  5. To view only named revisions, click Named Revisions.

    view namedChgs notebook history

    All filters apply. For example, to view only named revisions with code changes, apply the Code Change filter and then click Named Revisions.

  6. To filter named revisions, enter text in the Search Revisions text box.

    The results are filtered as you type.

  7. To view a notebook revision, select a revision in the Notebook History panel.

    The notebook preview is read-only.

  8. To restore a notebook revision, click Restore Revision.

    The notebook history is updated.

  9. To delete a notebook revision, hover over the revision and click 20.

    view deleteRevision notebook history
  10. A notebook revision is view-only. To update a notebook, click Cancel.

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