View customer key status

After you add a customer key, you can view its status in the Astra Portal.

  1. In the Astra Portal, click Settings.

  2. Select the Security tab.

  3. In the Custom Keys section, you can see the status of your keys:

    Astra DB key status in Key Encryption UI

    • In-Use means a database in your organization is actively using the customer key.

    • Available indicates a customer key has been added for your organization, but no Astra DB database with that provider and region combination is using the key.

View customer keys for specific database

  1. In Astra Portal, select the database to check for a customer key.

  2. In the database Overview, in the Regions section, click more_vert More Options, and then select Details.

    Astra DB database details with customer key icon

    The Region details also indicates the status for the region using the customer keys.

  3. To see all of the keys, select Manage Keys.

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