Database statuses

A database can have one of several statuses. Each status has a different impact on your ability to use a database.


To see the status of a specific database, open its Dashboard in the Astra Portal.

Status Description


The database is available and ready to use.


The database is being provisioned. It should be ready to use soon.


The database is either hibernating or resuming from hibernation. It is not available to use in this state.


Only applies to databases on the free plan.

A free database is suspended after being inactive for more than 48 hours. It is not available to use in this state.

A database resumes from hibernation automatically when you make an API request or access it in the Astra Portal. Resuming may take a few minutes.


The database and all of its data are being deleted.


The database and all of its data are no longer available.


Something is wrong with the database. Contact DataStax Support.

The DataStax Astra System Status dashboard shows the status of the Astra platform.

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