Connection methods comparison

Connect to your Astra DB Serverless database with a client or a CQL driver.

What’s the difference between a client and a driver?

Clients let you interact with the Data API. Drivers let you interact with CQL.

DataStax recommends that you use a client for most applications, as it’s an easier way to get started with Astra DB Serverless. However, you should use a driver if you have a legacy application or want to take advantage of specific Cassandra features.

Available clients

The following official clients are available.

Language Client

python Python


Latest release



typescript TypeScript


Latest release



java Java


Latest release



Use CQL Proxy to connect with an unsupported driver

DataStax CQL Proxy simplifies connecting to Astra DB Serverless without having to change your Cassandra driver, driver version, and/or framework (springdata, lagom, akka-persistence-cassandra, quarkus, etc.). This open source tool securely forwards your application’s CQL traffic to an appropriate database service. CQL Proxy auto-discovers and auto-configures communication with Astra DB Serverless.

If you are using a driver for an unsupported language, consider using CQL Proxy. The CQL Proxy sidecar enables unsupported CQL drivers to work with Astra DB Serverless.

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