Backup and restore

Active Astra DB Serverless databases are automatically backed up once an hour in Amazon S3. The hourly backups are stored for 20 days. These backups are snapshots that include only SSTables, and do not include the commit logs. Memtables are flushed before the snapshot is recorded.

  • Because hibernated databases are not backed up, a database that is hibernated for more than 20 days loses all of its backups.

  • For more control over the retention of your backups, you can submit a support ticket to have your backups written to an S3 bucket in your account.

For databases with multiple regions, backup management is available for only the region selected when you created the database. When you restore from a backup, all regions are reset to the restored version of the primary region.

If data from your Astra DB Serverless database is accidentally deleted or corrupted, contact DataStax Support to restore data from one of the available backups.

If the database was terminated, all data is destroyed and cannot be recovered.

When restoring data, you can:

  • Restore data to the same database, replacing the current data with data from the backup. Any data added to the database after the backup is no longer available in the database.

  • Restore namespaces and collections to the original namespace from which the namespace or collection was backed up.

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