Connect the C++ driver to your database

The C++ driver does not support the Serverless (Vector) type. These instructions are for users connecting to Serverless (Non-Vector) databases.

Create your .c file, add connection code, build, and link your application against the C++ driver to connect. This example also includes code to create a CassStatement object to connect to your Astra DB Serverless database, run a CQL query, and print the output to the console.

Connect to your database

  1. Create a connect_database.c file in the main directory for your C++ project.

    $ cd my_project
    $ touch connect_database.c
  2. Copy the following connection code into the connect_database.c file. You must set the secure_connect_bundle variable to the absolute path of your Astra database credentials file (

    Do not use the cass_cluster_set_contact_points() and cass_cluster_set_ssl() methods in conjunction with the cass_cluster_set_cloud_secure_connection_bundle() method.

    #include <cassandra.h>
    #include <stdio.h>
    int main(int argc, char* argv[]) {
         /* Setup and connect to cluster /
         CassCluster cluster = cass_cluster_new();
         CassSession* session = cass_session_new();
         /* Set up driver to connect to the cloud using the secure connection bundle /
         const char secure_connect_bundle = "/SECURE_CONNECT_BUNDLE_PATH/";
         if (cass_cluster_set_cloud_secure_connection_bundle(cluster, secure_connect_bundle) != CASS_OK) {
           fprintf(stderr, "Unable to configure cloud using the secure connection bundle: %s\n",
           return 1;
         /* Set credentials provided when creating your database /
         cass_cluster_set_credentials(cluster, "clientID", "clientSecret");
         CassFuture connect_future = cass_session_connect(session, cluster);
         if (cass_future_error_code(connect_future) == CASS_OK) {
           /* Use the session to run queries /
         } else {
           / Handle error */
         return 0;
  3. Build and link your application against the C++ driver.

    • Linux or macOS

    • Windows

    For static linking, use cassandra_static.a.

    cc connect_database.c -I/path/to/cassandra.h -L/path/to/ -lcassandra

    Include these libraries in your Microsoft Visual Studio project by adding them to the project’s properties under Configuration Properties > Linker > Input > Additional Dependencies.

    For static linking, use cassandra_static.lib.

    Link your application against cassandra.lib. cassandra.dll must be in the runtime path for your application.

    After connecting to your database, use the following code to query your database. This code creates a CassStatement object to connect to your Astra DB database, runs a CQL query, and prints the output to the console.

    /* Build statement and execute query */
    const char_ query = "SELECT release_version FROM system.local";
    CassStatement* statement = cass_statement_new(query, 0);
    CassFuture* result_future = cass_session_execute(session, statement);
    if (cass_future_error_code(result_future) == CASS_OK) {
      /* Retrieve result set and get the first row */
      const CassResult_ result = cass_future_get_result(result_future);
      const CassRow* row = cass_result_first_row(result);
      if (row) {
        const CassValue* value = cass_row_get_column_by_name(row, "release_version");
        const char* release_version;
        size_t release_version_length;
        cass_value_get_string(value, &release_version, &release_version_length);
        printf("release_version: '%._s'\n", (int)release_version_length, release_version);
      } else {
        /_ Handle error _/
        const char_ message;
        size_t message_length;
        cass_future_error_message(result_future, &message, &message_length);
        fprintf(stderr, "Unable to run query: '%.*s'\n", (int)message_length, message);

Installation and data migration instructions are located in the C++ driver quickstart.

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