Auto-generate embeddings with vectorize

Astra DB vectorize lets you integrate with external and Astra-hosted embedding providers. Vectorize will automatically generate an embedding from text for any operation that requires a vector.

Embedding generation options

You can either bring your own embeddings or let vectorize generate them for you.

Bring your own

Generate your own embeddings on the client side and import them when you load data.

Auto-generate embeddings with an embedding provider

Configure a collection with an integrated embedding provider and use vectorize to auto-generate embeddings as needed.

Two categories of embedding providers are available:

  • External: Integrate your own embedding provider account with Astra DB.

  • Astra-hosted: Select a DataStax-managed embedding provider hosted within Astra DB.

Supported embedding providers

To get started with vectorize, add one of the following embedding provider integrations to your Astra organization:

Embedding provider External Astra-hosted Docs

Azure OpenAI


Get started



Get started



Get started

Astra DB Serverless supports external embedding providers in the following regions:

  • Amazon Web Services: us-east-2

  • Google Cloud: us-east1

  • Microsoft Azure: westus3

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